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rio vista tubesTubing Time

First things first.  Regardless of where you go tubing be sure to contact the outfitters before you go to check on local conditions.  Flows still are low everywhere and you want to make sure you go where you don’t have to walk your tube for a considerable distance.   Also, it is always better to go early in the day because things can get very crowded in the afternoon.


We want to emphasize how important it is to know the area where you will be tubing. We have seen some kids (and some adults) crash pretty hard while we have been out paddling. By the way, you get good paddling karma for returning unopened beverage containers to upended tubers. We don’t want to sound like an old mother hen, but it is unwise to assume that because you are going tubing you will be free from encountering dangerous conditions. That often is the case, but there are several stretches of river where you could become injured or even bonk your head and drown if you fall off the tube. Ask anyone who has gone down the center of the Guadalupe at Huaco Rapid when the water is running at around 900 cfs if they have any stories to tell. Just use some common sense and ask the outfitter about obstacles and hazards and when in doubt, get off the tube and walk.


Even though the can ban recently was overturned in New Braunfels, there are some things that you should keep in mind when tubing.  Be sure to bring a mesh bag to carry your empties or else they might end up on the bottom of the river. Please make sure not to litter or trespass on anybody’s property.  Never ever take styrofoam or glass down to the water — it is against state law.  Make sure there is a latch or some similar device on your drink cooler so the contents don’t end up in the river when the cooler tube rolls over.  Remember that it is now illegal to consume adult beverages in many of the San Marcos parks.  Any oaf caught throwing a cigarette butt into the water will be tied to a cypress tree and covered in nutrea bait.  Be sure to check with the tube rental service you are going to use to see what restrictions apply before heading out for the day.


It is very important to ask about the flows and how long you will be on the water when you are at the rental office. That is going to vary depending on stream flows. Also ask whether you will be going over rocks because if you are you will want a tube with a bottom in it. Be sure to bring some river shoes because there is always the chance you will have to do some walking and flip flops will not cut it.  You should also bring twice as much water as you think you will need.  Finally, try to avoid renting one of those black rubber tubes.  They get really hot and you could end up with tube rash.  Just sayin.